Veda and The Gifts of Brihospoti

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Seven headed father means a man having 7 patterns or blends those results in 7 sons. These are 7 Angirasas. One of those is the father of BRIHASPATI , who is the father of Aujashya.

Brihaspti has visinoed first 3 Reeks, 4th one is by Ajasya.

Source is REEK VEDA .VOL 2. 10th MONDALAM. Sukta no. 67. Page 533.

In the 4 th Reek Rishi Ajasya has told ,’ O Lord Brihospoti you have unveiled Three caves , One at bottom and Two at upside. The caves were acquired by Chaos and Darkness. You have divulged them and conquered those Energies and Force, which were dominated by the darkness.The Brightest Light has come out from those 3 caves.’

Now my question is: what are these 3 caves? 1 in bottom,2 at up side? The answer is :the bottom cave is Muladhar ,where Anal Canal is present.

2nd one at Swadhistan. Here Male or Female Urethra and genitalia is present.

3rd one is at Bushudhya. Here our Vocal cord is present.

When these are unregulated then full of darkness. When controlled by the Consciousness and Rhythm, then Immense Energy and Power develops.

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