A Boat having WINGS and Can submerge into the Sea.

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Dr Rajatdubhra

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Here I am posting the document s from the Reek Veda, where the Lord Aswini Brothers made such boat.
This Hymn is Visioned by Rishi Agastya. He was in South India. Lord Rama met with Him.
In the given Sikta/Verse 1. The literal english translation is like this…
..O Lord ASWINIES, for the shake of the Son of King Tugra, you made your famous, hardy boat having WINGS…
Verse 2.When the Son of King Tugra drenched into water YOU rescued him with four boats those can SUBMERGE into the Sea.
Till date in world we do not have such vehicle that can fly like helicopter or a plane and also can act as a Submarine.
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Also , please post any pictures or any Temple architecture or any Idol of LORD ASWINIES, the SONS of the SUN.

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