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Oh lord Bayu, thy the saviour of the Hotras(those who are doing Yajna with Hobi/Clarified butter), please enjoy , drink and offer immense opulence. So please come through the Lunar Chariot to enjoy this Soma .

Comes with the “Niyuta” Horses .They are the helper of Lord Indira in His Chariot. Please come in lunar Chariot and enjoy our Soma .

The whole Horizon of this (Biswa)Earth’s Radiance is black .She is holding all the Bosu (Elements and particles) and is following You. Please come here(Yajna) with thy lunar Chariot And enjoy Soma.

You are carried by those Horses which have the speed of mind(Monojabom) and is 9 into 9 (81) by number. Come through that lunar Chariot to enjoy the Soma.

Come Through The Hundred Harit(Green) horses or through Posya(docile) Thousand horses to enjoy this Soma.

From the transaction we find 1. Bayu is coming with LUNAR CHARIOT. Moon is soft and sober. The Sun is warm and Bright that is related with the MARUTA. The hot air and vapour. Bayu is different by nature and property.

2.Niyuta, Hundred and Thousands are the expression of Bharatiya Numerical System. This signify the number of atoms increases in a stream of air during motion in multiplication of 10. (I have to check this part more minutely)

3.NABATI r NABA means 81 .Why here the Horses are 81?

4.The radiance of our Earth in the space Dark?

5.All the elements (Metals, nonmetal, atoms, molecules, both living and non living particles follows the AIR stream during the motion

6..But is the Electromagnetic field of the Earth is related with Her atmospheric Air motion?

Please leave your comments in COMMENT SECTION. Thank you for following me and my thoughts in quest of the NEW DISCOVERIES of the VEDA. Let us (Bharatbasi and the Mankind)be United, Enlightened and march forward.

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