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Veda and the concept of Marut

Line 1.
‘Gou’ means cows or rays. Here ‘rays’ will be appropriate. ‘Marut’ is hot air and vapours.That is mostly formed from ocean for Sun Rays. Marut is the source of cloud and rain.
Mogho means great. This work of the Maruts is really Great.
Shraba is Creating.
Look here the Hymn/ Sukta.
“Gou r Dhayati Marutam, Shraba syu r Mata Maghonam.”
Rays are the creator and the mother of the Great Marutas.

Reek Veda, 8th Mandolom.

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Maya and the Veda

Your Enlightened part bears from the Dark side (Sukrom te Anyod) and the Dark side bears from the Enlightened side( Ajatom te Anyod). You plays as an AXIS (Bishu rupe)between the Earth and the Sky in the day and night (Ahani Doyuri basi). The continuous panoramic changes is the MAYA of the Earth. (Vishwa hi Maya)You yourself enjoys and protect it(abasi swadhabon) in day and night in a Rhythmic fashion.(Bhadra te Pusha Ahan ni Rati r Astu).

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Types of Enemy according to the Veda

We know one who wants to do your harm is called Enemy. Maximum you can say one is open type another is hidden type enemy.
Do you according to the Veda the classification is completely different.

This is first time I am placing the fact to the public. Please notice the originality of Bharatiya Chintan or Thoughts.
According to the Veda, the Enemy are of three types.1. Dwit.2. Jighanshu.3. Aorati.

  1. One who spoil or destroy your things is called Dwit.
  2. Jighanshu is one who wants to kill you or hurt you.
  3. One who does not give your legitimate claims is Aorati.
  4. As a self motivated Indologist this is my new contribution in Indology. Please leave your comment.
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Vedic Reference of Goddess Lakshmi

I have heard many times that there is no name of some God and Goddess in the Veda. Latter they habe been introduced. For example, Siva,Kali, Lakshmi, Durga
Here I am just putting the pic where the Hymns are in the name of Lakshmi.
(Previously I have shown the reference of Lord Shiva,Kali and Snake God in the Veda.)
অনেকেই মনে করেন শিব, দুর্গা,কালী সাপের দেবী ও লক্ষী র নাম বেদে নেই।
এইখানে আগে শিব,কালী ও সর্প দেবের বেদে‌র উদৃতি দিয়েছি। আজ লক্ষী র তথ্য দিলাম।
Dr Rajatsubhra Mukhopadhyay.