Progeria and my Thaughts

Long time back science has been achieved the genetic cloning. Now there are an ample of instances of cloned life. From somatic cell this is possible.
On the other hand Progeria is a genetic disease where it does mean ‘early senility’. Though practically this is not true.
In cloned animals though the somatic age is early, the genetic age will be counted from the age of the cell where from the cloning is done. That means if a cloning is done from the cell of an eighty years old person, the genetic age of new cell will be +80 yrs.
That means the genetic problems of that age will reveal from the early period of new cell.
Is it not a real early senility condition? Though Progeria Is Rare. In Kolkata there is a family with this disease. They are under the care of institute of child health -kolkata. Specially under Prof -Director Dr Apurba Ghosh.

Quantum Medicine (My terminology for the future)

This topic is actually an hunt to find a relation with medical science & nature.
Nature is our environment & something more than that.
From researcher’s view unlike other scientific subjects, clinical aspect in Medicine is not always directly related with the laboratory but this needs a rational brain, a keen observation power, and a powerful ability to draw inference. It is clear today, all the manifestations of disease or co-related diseases or symptoms are not fully explainable with today’s knowledge base.
The more science is advancing, it is embracing its other branches. Gene, molecule &quantum, everything is coming nearer or will come nearer.
In Paediatrics or Medical-Science also this view point is important.
Rather than thinking this as a separate topic, every disease needs to be revisited from this back ground.
Rather than the existing concept of disease or its aetiology , it might be better to explain from this stand point of Quantum.
In this age, when we have reached also up to the Genetic Bank with genetic technology, I think it will be worth to spend time for medical researchers also with the physics where rhythm, electro-magnetive waves ,laser etc are being used or try to be used to treat & reveal the molecular,atomic and the quantal basis of the disease .
Genes are also some combinations of molecules, bonds, atoms.
Quantum physics’ principles, I think , one of the potential application field is gene, & human mind co-relate with this nature, which is also determined by genes. and Paediatrics is the best field to observe this in human, as in this field different genetic variation is found.
I think in future one day will come when like other branches in medicine or treatment “quantum medicine “(I have coined this term since 2009 in Pediatrics Forum of nature for the first time in the World.) will also come to understand & cure the disease.