Veda,the Sun and the concept of interstellar Machine

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This is the first time probably , you are hearing about the INTERSTELLAR MACHINE.Here I am giving the document in support to this from the REEK VEDA.

The interstellar force is called Gravity or Gravitational Force. Here in this beautiful Sukta in verse number 1 , the REEK is speaking that : You O God Sabita (one who gives birth to this Earth,that means the Sun ) through a beautiful machine is holding this Earth. So the Earth is balanced and stable . The Sun is holding the Earth with invisible spokes like Rays. Like the horse the Sun gallops in the celestial ocean binding the Earth and travers the Horizon.

verse no 2. The Sun takes birth from Ocean of Energy . The Sun knows that source of Energy of the Universe in the Celestial Ocean . Thus He fixes the Earth, the entire Horizon and the sky of the Earth.

Reek Sukta
Bengali Translation

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