Progeria and my Thaughts

Long time back science has been achieved the genetic cloning. Now there are an ample of instances of cloned life. From somatic cell this is possible.
On the other hand Progeria is a genetic disease where it does mean ‘early senility’. Though practically this is not true.
In cloned animals though the somatic age is early, the genetic age will be counted from the age of the cell where from the cloning is done. That means if a cloning is done from the cell of an eighty years old person, the genetic age of new cell will be +80 yrs.
That means the genetic problems of that age will reveal from the early period of new cell.
Is it not a real early senility condition? Though Progeria Is Rare. In Kolkata there is a family with this disease. They are under the care of institute of child health -kolkata. Specially under Prof -Director Dr Apurba Ghosh.