Sri Shankara – the Young, intelligent and Strong unifying force of Bharat

Today we celebrate the birth anniversary of Adi #shankaracharya, born around 500 B.C and known as the resuscitator of Sanatana Dharma. He brought the lost light of Vedic Dharma back from the darkness of ignorance. He is known as the exponent of Advaita Vedanta, the spiritual tradition and philosophical school of Non-dualism. He became the master of all shastras and began writing his own bhasyams/commentaries on Upanishads, Bhagavat Gita, Bramha Sutras etc by the age of 16. He was a young, energetic, strong and encouraging reformer of Hinduism, who later travelled to all four corners of Bharat on foot in his Digvijayam to spiritually integrate our motherland. He established four spiritual monasteries or maths in all four corners of our country that would preserve dharma, guide and teach all followers of the Sanatana dharma. He was a great devotee of Mother Goddess Shakti, his compositions of Saundarya Lahari, Lalita Pancharatnam, Tripurasundari Ashtakam etc have been widely known in Shakta Schools of Goddess. He was a practitioner of Sri Vidya and by the guidance of the Goddess, he consecrated and established Sri Chakras in various Devi Temples.

Sri Shankara’s contribution to Sanatana Dharma can’t be expounded in mere few lines. This Young Acharya lived only a lifetime of 32 years of age in which he successfully attained self-realisation and revolutionised our country. He left his physical self to divine abode at Kedarnath. He should be the source of inspiration for all Sanatana dharmis, especially the youth so that we transform ourselves and bring back the depriving spiritual glory of Bharat. Shankara indeed remains the young and strong unifying force of Bharat.

Picture courtesy: lotus of Saraswati

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