🌺Maa Bagalamukhi 🌺

Bagalāmukhī in Vedas

Bagalāmukhī is one among the Dasha Mahavidya Goddesses, she is the bramhāstra vidya, whose mighty power is invoked to annihilate evil within one’s self and also to receive divine protection from external negative influences upon one’s life. Her association with the occult mentioned in tantras such as the kāmadhenu tantra and others, have popularized her as a tantric deity. Apart from Tantras, there are also mentions of Devi in various Vedic Samhitas. The Sukla Yajurveda mentions Bagalāmukhī as Vagala, the Stambhana Shakti invoked by gods to vanquish evil.The shlokas mentioned here are from kāṭhaka Samhita of Kṛṣṇa Yajurveda, which describes Devi’s staṃbhana/control & paralyzing power as viṣṭambha, through which she controls all minds.

विराड् दिशा विष्णु पत्न्यघोरास्येशाना सहसो या मनोता l
विश्व व्यचा इष्यन्ती सुभूता शिवो नो अस्तु अदितिरुपस्थे ll
विष्टम्भो दिवो धरुणः पृथिव्या अस्येशाना सहसो विष्णुपत्नी l
वृहस्पति मार्तार श्वोत् वायुसंध्वाना वाता अभितो गृणन्तु l

virāḍ diśā viṣṇu patnyaghōrāsyēśānā sahasō yā manōtā l
viśva vyacā iṣyantī subhūtā śivō nō astu aditirupasthē ll
viṣṭambhō divō dharuṇaḥ pr̥thivyā asyēśānā sahasō viṣṇupatnī l
vr̥haspati mārtāra śvōt vāyusaṁdhvānā vātā abhitō gr̥ṇantu l

“The one who illuminates all ten-directions, whose beauty remains unmatched, the embodiment of Vishnu’s spouse. The Ishvari, empress of all realms/lokas, as she holds the greatest strength in this creation known as manōtā. Manōtā is the one who controls the manastatvam, the mind and Vaak, the speech of the celestial deities. As viśva vyacā, she illuminates all-stars in constellations, thus lighting this universe. As iṣyantī, she lives in all beings as the icchā śakti, the power of desire. Subhūtā, through her blissful erotic desire, manifests in different forms of life. My prayers to that lady śivā The Mother of gods, Aditi who constantly stays close to her devotees. She is the viṣṭambha/staṃbhana power that controls and paralyzes all lokas upon her command. The ruler of all mortals, the spouse of viṣṇu, vr̥haspati and vāyu are whose forms, the creator of speech. As vātā, she stabilizes Doṣas in the body caused by air element or vāyu, my obeisance to that Goddess who grants both bhukti(enjoyments) and Mukti(liberation) as boons.”

~kāṭhaka Samhita, kṛṣṇa Yajurveda

She is the creator of Vaak or speech, she controls and paralyzes contaminated speech, as she reminds her devotees to always make auspicious utterances, as karma gathered through misuse of speech burdens that jiva’s life.Her bewitching beauty is described as superior in all lokas, as viśva vyacā she is the illuminator of all cosmos. She is also mentioned as Mahalakshmi and Vaishnavi as per both Sukla Yajurveda and Kṛṣṇa Yajurveda.The svatantra tantra described her as the manifestation of Lalita Maha Tripurasundari, which makes her one of the prominent deities in Sri Kula, who grants both Bhoga (material blessings) and Moksha (liberation) to her bhaktas.

May the blessings of Ma Bagalāmukhī grant us victory over those inner enemies which obstructs our growth and spiritual transformation.

✓✓collected from different sources