🌺Supremacy of Kali🌺

Supremacy of Kali

Kali is known as the dark energy, as she remains mysterious/unknown even to celestial deities. Unless there is light an ordinary human mind can’t perceive the intricacies related to that form in terms of its geometry, measurements, nature, influence and energy. With Kali, it’s just one enormous dark cosmic hallway where small temporary forms of light appear and dissolve simultaneously back into darkness. The light in the hallway is our finite reality. The physical life is born encapsulated with finite elements from stardust like carbon in DNA along with oxygen, iron, silicon etc. The finite life of your human body, just like those stars stays until the elemental composition runs out of fuel, and just like your body dies, once nuclear fusion stops even magnanimous stars become dwarfs and die. No matter what happens the climax of everything including the universe is always about the dissolution of all once illuminating matter back to darkness, it’s source.

Kali is referred to as the Universal Mother as she predates everything. She birthed everything, from sub-atomic particles, atoms, and neutrinos to microscopic entities to full-fledged flora and fauna. There is no end to her glory, and even with thousands and lakhs of lifetimes, it’s impossible to even for enlightened Siddhas, Yogis, Paramhamsas and Avadhutas to comprehend her mysticism completely.

In Saundarya Lahari, Adi Shankaracharya said it’s a spell that she casts upon the deities which makes Bramha believe he is the jagatsoota, the creator of the universe, Vishnu believes he is the avata, protector and Rudra believes he is the Kshapata, the destroyer. Under her spell, they forget that these three get absorbed again in Isha, the maheshvara from whom these presiding deities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas have appeared. Isha again disappears back into Sadashiva, the primordial aspect of Shiva, who predates all sound reverberations in existence. This cycle of origin which begins from formless to form, multiplication of gunas, creation, birth, lifetime, death and merger all takes place through a single mandate from the Great Goddess herself. Shankara defined her action as a mere movement of her creeper like brows which is enough to make these deities perform actions on her command.

The Divine Mother need not speak, as even Sadashiva, the highest transcendental aspect of Shiva isn’t independent of her Maya and gets a command from her to perform as such. In her iconography as both Dakshina Kali, and Lalita Tripurasundari, she is seated in union with Sadashiva, who forms the bed of her throne, and the pedestals were formed by Bramha, Vishnu, Rudra and Ishvara/Isha. Shakti remains the dominant force who birthed all these subservient forces and elements which gave rise to existence. The Mastery upon Maya, the illusion of birth, death and materialism solely rests with Shakti herself who created Maya. The Release or Mukti from this illusion as well is bestowed by the Great Goddess Kali herself, from whom the illusion of light is born and dissolves back into her Darkness/ Unknown Transcendental Energy or Para Bramhan.

✓(collected) published by Shruti Adhya Kundu marketing officer of SYCN