Kashi Vishwanath ki kahani

All those devotees who’ve been to Kashi must have come across this horrid site and a mere look at the broken remains of original Vishveshvar Temple sends chills down our spines. It’s a miracle indeed that Mahadev’s grace kept the original Jyotirlinga intact all these years inside the Gyanvapi well upon which lies the barbaric mosque built by mughal tyrant aurangzeb. Jyotirlingas are powerful energy forms of Lord sent by Shiva himself on this mortal plane. They are repositories of dharma, spiritual sciences and the benevolence of Lord Shiva. These insolent Islamic tyrants did not know that their energy can’t be dissipated by mere breaking down the temple. Lord Vishvanath’s power deluded these Muslims and protected the shivalinga all these years, waiting for the right external conditions where his devotees would claim back his place. As the karma of dharmic purushartha has to be done by the bhaktas, as the temple exists only for the benefit of devotees.

Dharmo Rakshiti Rakshitah! Dharma protects those who stay firm on the path of Dharma. Dharma is not someone’s mere imagination or some religious ideology. It’s an existential realised truth which have come to us through the grace of divine incarnations, in the form of Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Tantra etc and the tapasya of countless rishis, yogis, siddhas and gurus. And it’s a practical demonstration of dharmic power that even after countless attacks on Bharat’s dharmic civilisation and on powerful energy centers, the fire of dharma has been kept unharmed and it keeps appearing in people’s consciousness and motivates them to fight for truth and awareness.

Lord Vishvanath is always there to protect us, he has ascertained that his name and power can’t be erased by an attack on his temples. As his and Ma Annapurna’s offsprings all dharmic and awakened souls of sanatana dharma must continue their pursuit to reclaim back our dharmic centres.

Har Har Mahadev! Jai Kashi Vishvanath! Sri Matre Namaha. #kashivishwanathtemple #GyanvapiTruthNow #gyanvapimandir



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