Creation of life according to the Veda

“Yat kranda” ( that vibration of sound),
“Prathamang jayamano” ( first was generating), “udyanot” (arising), “Samudranot ba Purishat”( from the ocean of elements).
That was like the wings of a falcon(shonoshya paksha) or the legs of dear(Harinashya bahu), That means this was flaming with fire.
On that the Paramatma expressed as the Soul(Upastutam Mahi jatom te Arbban).
The Soul expresses through Rhythmic controlled manner(Yam),as Trinity(Yam, Aditya{Sun like stars}and Arbban.It is given in next Hymns). And fixes the life span of the expressed Soul(Yam en dattam Trito enom Ayu). Thus they first appeared(enom prothomo adhisthat.)

(That flaming vibrating fire was like a Horse with wings and golden legs.)
The Gandharvas ( the deity who can sing,can go, have smell. Here “who can sing”will be appropriate.) stays in the tongue of that Horse. Within his melody(Surad Ashwa) Basabo nirotostha (Basob/the king of deities/Indra) stays.
In that way the Yam, the Aditya and the Arbban (Asi Yamo asyaAditya Arbbanom Asi), These three in a secret manner(Trito gujhyeno brataneo), Using the Soma{The living Electro Magnetics Power} in the Time Dimension (Asi Soma Samaya Bipriktaha) Aahuste(Sacrifice/uses), (Trini Dibi Bandhanani)These Three Deities fixes the knot/frame of life span/The area of Life.
(As this is Hymn, a song like chanting words,so repeatition of same word is found in All the Veda to keep the Rhythm.)
So again it is given,
Three deities thus uses the Soma in the Time Dimension and forms Three Knots from the Three Oceans of formative Soup or Elemental Ocean(Thrini Ta AhurDibi Bandhanani, Trin Apsu Trin Antah(Ends within this Three) Samudre.)