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Extension of our society.

SOCIAL EXTENT OF SHREE-MONDOLOM[POSITIVE RHYTHMIC SPHERE] The Extent Of Rhythmic Positive Sphere[Shri] Is Infinite.This Is In Chronological Pattern. Follows The Unique Fractal[Mandelbrot’s]Geometry’s Law.There Is A Link From Plane To Plane By A Disciplinary Order. Discovering This Order Is The Steps Of Heaven.Like A Genetic Map This Is An Enormous Task. But Again This Follow Fractal’s Law Of Symmetry. Today I Will Discuss Three Types Of Human Deviations, Present In The Society Which Are Apparently Abnormal/Atypical;-But If They Follow ‘The Shri Order’ ,They Are More Normal and Higher Than Ordinary People With A Chaotic Life Style. 1.Shemales. 2.Some Crazy Peoples. 3.Batuls[Unsocials/Childish/Immatures]. 1.ShemalesWe In India Call Them Hizras.From Time Immemorial They Are In Society. Mostly Neglected.Follow A Separate Life Style.In Society They Are Thought As An Ominous Symbol If People See Them Prior To Doing Any Job.No Pyre, No Burial Allows Them To Place Their Dead Body.Most Of Them Leads Their Life With Prostitution. Some Of Them Are Beyond Of Continuation Of Species and Some are True Male Hermaphrodites , Those Can Be A Father. 2.Craziness Occurs In Many A Patterns.[E.G.-Excessive Admenness ,Excessive Rage, Excessive Emotional Outburst, All Sexual Perversions,Schizophrenia,Multiple Personality Disorder,Asperger’s Syndromes, Autism,Etc. ]. But To Do Something Extraordinary & To Be Extra Ordinary Craziness Is Important. 3. Bauls[Batuls]- A Cult, Follow Their Own Life Styles.They Are Also Out Of Our Traditional Society.They Lead Their Life With Songs, Begging,Cultivations Etc.But With In Them There Is No Traditional Social Concept . To Them God Resides In Body & To Have Mastery Over This Body & To Sustain That Force & Joy Is The Aim Of Life. For This No Bar Of Sexual Relation Or Sex Practice Is Important. Rather If Possible They Allow All Types Experiences With Bodily Substances. Till Now Whatever I Have Told Are The Practical Situations At Least In India. But Today My Intention Is To Place Them In Higher Plane According To ‘Sri Dharma’. These Three Are The Extreme Points Of Human Society.I. Shemale Is The Extent Of Swattik Extention.2.The Crazy[Unmad/- Is Rojo Extension,3. The Bauls[Immatures]-Is The Tomo Extension. Out Of These Three Spheres There Is Shri Nairrit[Disciplnary Chaos] Stage. Beyond Of That Only Nairrit[Total Chaos],Which Is Full Of Disease, Sufferings, Death Etc. Sri Nairrit & The Upper Said Three Extreme Manifestations Of Qualities[Guna] Are Intermingled. And This Stream Is Linked With The Social Activities & Divine World Both Through Tantra[This Is A Part Of Shree Tantra] . Up To This I Have Given An Outline Of The Bottom Line Of Shree/Shri Order[Positive Rhythmic Sphere] & They Are Connected With Each Other.Let Us See -‘Why & How’. Guna[Quality Of Ordinary Qualities::(Sex,Anger,Greed,Pride,Affection,Love, Compassion,Sacrifice,Resignation,Etc.)]Are Three In Indology. Tomo -Nonmanifestated State Of Self; Rojo- Qualities Are Manifestated /Manifestating But Not Under Control Of Self. Swatta-Manifestated & That/Those Qualities Are Under Control Of Self. The Philosophy Of Bauls Is To Be Drenched & Satisfied By Body & Self.Taste Bodily Secretions,Excreta & Try To Go Beyond The Hatred Feelings; Ultimately Their Hearts Is Filled With Love & Only Love -To All & Everything & A Spontaneous Joy Effuses Out. Then They Are Siddha /Mukta [Expert/Master]. Here The Outer World Is Shut Up. This Is The Fringe Of Tomo Guna. Madness Is The Only State Where One Can Do Anything Which Is Not Possible Ordinarily.This Is The Atypical State Of Body & Mind. Even In Addiction /In Tipsy State[Here Is Also Some Alterations Of Nuro Chemicals In Brains Like Insanity But Reversible ]People Can Do/Talk Behave Which Is Not Possible In His Normal State.This Is The Turning Power Of Life /Society/Anything. If This Is In Good /Right Way ,This Makes Possible The Dreams Come In True.Therefore This Is The Colour Of Life. This Is The Fringe Of Rojo. Shemales Are The Combination Of Male & Female. They Are The Fringe Of Swatta. With Polite, Gentle Attitude They Are Artistic, Poetic,They Can Follow Some Order & Observe Some System They Can Be Good Teacher,. But Their Inner-Force Is Less. We Cannot Expect Any Revolution From Them. Today’s Society Is A Cosmopolition Place With All Of These Tincts.And A Blending Of These Three Guna Patterns & Three Extreme Socials. But Our Aim Is To Combine These Eliments To Make Our Lives Colourful & Free[Mukto] With Positive Rhythmic Order[Shri/Shree-Path]

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