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Education System and Sanatan (Bharatiya) Approach

Today in modern education system our kids are being grown up. Ultimately they are being economically self sufficient & they are contributing to the Nations & the World in various ways. This is good. But what they are gaining for themselves own? When we close our eyes in profound quietness, our inner selves talk with us. I think there lies our real ‘second life’. Is not it our real perception? There plays an innumerable imagination, calculation, idea, innovation, ultimately creation or outcome.
Scientifically when we approach into our inner world in a human body throughout the different structures & systems we find the Rhythm. We find a continuous rhythmic workshop of our cells & cycles. Transmission & transformations of energies into other energies, matters to energies and energies to matters are relentlessly going on with in our bodies. Thus, our body grown up,changes in different ages. But within the complex circuit of nerves & brain we cannot search out where we are & what the ‘mind’ actually is. We could feel, we are not only the summation of mass but mass & energy. We know everything whatever is being perceived by the brain must be in the form of energy not the mass. Everything is being outpouring from the brain first, that is also in from of energy not in form of mass. Still, we could not feel ourselves as a part of energy. Because we are not trained.
Here lies the importance of Sanatan (eternal) approach. Where we are neither only mass nor only energy but of the both but we are different from Mass and Energy. This is Atmon. Everything is drenched within this Ocean of Atmon. To perceive that we needs day to day practice from childhood. This needs to understand the property of energy, and the way of their action, propagation, speed, dimension. Which definitely will make capable the human brain to gain some excellence which is not possible to those people who do not practice that. Neither this will cause all the brains to express in the same manner nor that man will be abnormal. The manifestation will be subject specific & unique. Before that he should have control over himself otherwise there is a chance of misuse of that quality. In India, China Japan this approach was a reality one day. Now everything is a history.
India is actually BHARAT/BHARATVORSO.[BHA-LIGHT/RAYS &RAT-LIVES/ENGAGED] a place where the people/some people who lives with light/feels/illuminate light; that means their brains were [still in yogis]capable to feel the light with in themselves & the electro- magnetive waves from different places & could transmit that wave to another places.
Hope future world’s education system will bring down this different brains using the science & the natural properties of human brains. This will again re-establish the glory of Sanatan Outlook globally.

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