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Entomology is a popular science today. But in an age when science was not so developed, it was quite difficult to study this subject. Specially for a scientist from a rural setup independently. Still when a person become a ‘born scientist’, it matters little for him. He does not care how many works of him is getting published or reviewed or how many lectures he is delivering or how many rewards he is being awarded. Still his work is unique & pioneering. Such a famous scientist was Mr Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya. He had some unique contributions in entomology. His simple life style & quest for the scientific researches as an Independent scientist face many a problems like his time schedule, fund & most important is the ethical permission and the publication of his works. 1.

    Great Louise Pasteur also faced the same problem on ethical issues.
    As today everything is institutional & most of the works are so expensive that there are a few who have a time to think about this. Still, some fields are there like Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Clinical approach etc, where independence is possible. I think regarding publication, every publication company has a panel board. They can review these papers or make this open to review in ‘review -response section’(if at all this could be created) before publication. And they can justify also whether the work/idea can be ethically permitted. This can help many innovative works & scientists.

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