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In my last post I talked about the Bharatiya names of the stars.There the first name is Kirtika. A group of 7 stars. Out of them 6 are prominent. The name of elder Son of Lord Siva is Kartika who is also familiar to us as Sanatkumara, Murgana Swami, Subrahmaniyam , Skandha, SaraAnana etc.
But do you know the name of those 7 stars?.
In our Veda they have the names. Sayuja, Yuja, Yunjamba, Dula, Nitanti, Abhrayanti, Meghayanti, Barsayanti, Chupinika.
Please note, first 3 is a set. Similar name. Makes 1, rest are 6. All names has a relationship with cloud formation and rain.
Was it purposeful ? Why did they demarcated each star so minutely?
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